Get your online orders integrated to LazyWait

Deliverect has partnered with LazyWait to build a reliable two-way integration so you can manage your online orders from a single point-of-sale with ease.

Your Staff no longer needs to re-punch orders, saving time and eliminating the chance for missed or incorrect orders. Orders from Jahez, Hungerstation, Toyou, The chefz are sent to the kitchen using the existing printer or Kitchen display of the POS.

All your online orders straight to LazyWait. Deliverect automate the flow of third-party orders. No more manual re-entry, tablet madness, or unnecessary delays.

Manage your menus better. Edit and update multiple menus with one click, direct from the Deliverect Menu Builder. Sync all orders with your stock to LazyWait.

Get reports on your online sales. View sales per channel to spot opportunities.