E-payment can't be any easier!

LazyPay is our e-payment solution that is integrated with LazyWait POS without the need for an external device! Let your customers pay with their convenient method of payment.

How it works?

add number

Get your customer's number

Once your customer places an order whether via phone or in person, get their number.


SMS Payment

Your customer will receive a link with their bill and various payment methods to pay



Once your customer pays, the inovice will be printed!

Go cashless and eliminate errors

Ever suffered from missing cash or unwanted human errors in accounting? Even worse, non paying customers?! LazyPay can help you eliminate those issues with secure payment options and automated calculations. LazyPay let you know when your customers pay instantly, so no cash is lost!

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Waiting Chairs - كراسي الانتظار

Save the waiting lines!

Whether your serve pick-up, drive-thru or even dine-in orders, your customers will always have to wait to pay for their orders! With LazyPay, your customes will be able to pay from their own devices saving you and your customers 10+ mins just to pay!

Open your store instanstly without the need for a POS device

We understand how hideous it is just to get your POS device from the bank which will only make delay your grand opening. It can take up to 3 months to get the POS device from a conventional bank! Save your time and start receiving payment instantly with LazyPay.

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The benefits of using LazyPay

No Devices

Nothing! No POS terminal, no chargers, no papers! Only your customer's device!

Save time

Save a minimum of 10 mins per order just to complete the payment process

increase revenue

Increase your revenue starting from SAR 54K annually just by using LazyPay

World Wide

Receive payments from anywhere and everywhere. LazyPay is limitless!

Instant activation

Get LazyPay right away through LazyWait dashboard and start instantly!

Safe & Secure

Our payment partners are PCI DSS certified and provide anti fraud protection system

Enjoy LazyPay with 1 SAR only!

You can activate LazyPay and enjoy that hassle-free service with 1 SAR only per transaction!

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