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It is finally here! Our newst addition “LazyWait App/ Web App”. It brings you all you need for a smooth ordering experience, no intruptions, no mistakes! The orders are directly heading to the kitchen. And guess what?! It supports numerous payment methods!

LazyWait QR solution helps you to minimize your operation cost and maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction

Create your own marketing campaign with LazyWait Promo codes!

Whether you have a new item that you need to promote, an influencer making a coverage for you or even sending a birthday discount, we got you covered! Simply create your own promo codes and measure the efficinecy of each promo code!

Turn you customer to FANS with Lazy Coins

Are you still giving your customers a QR to earn their loyalty points? Do your employees forget to ask for the customers numbers to give them points? Worry not! LazyWait delivers the points directly to your customers after placing their orders! 

Let your customers choose their convenient method of payment

LazyWait allows your customers to choose their favorite payment method without being stuck at the cashier station!

Activate the services that your business needs

Forget about activating many apps to get one service! LazyWait gets you all you need in one solution!



Get the orders for each table directly to the kitchen. Saving you minimum 10mins from the table turnover just to place an order!



Share your store link and get pick-up orders before the customer arrives. Once the order is ready, send them a SMS to pick-up their food!

car pickup

Car Pick-up

Save your customer from getting on and off their cars just to pick-up their orders. Get them the superior service that they deserve!

We installed LazyWait QR and solved the issue with the number of waiters. Our court needs 13 waiters minimum; now, we work with 6 waiters only with high efficiency.

Abbas Alsaihati, founder of Smokey Grill, Translated 

We don't like to complicate things, and so our pricing can't be any clearer!

Get all those features simply with the annual subscription! No hidden fees! Or get it with the LazyPro Plan!

Customized store link
Integrated with LazyWait POS
QR table stands
Timed Events
Promo codes
Customer reviews & rating
Lazy AI
Online/ cash payments
Lazy Coins
Linked to store inventory
Takeout & car pick-up
Items professional photos

Why wait? Request LazyWait QR now!

Start optimzing your operation with LazyWait platform now and get a special offer when you add the QR menu!