Menu Design Starts In The POS

Taking extra care in designing your shop’s menu is very important because a suitable menu can make you successful and profitable at the same time. An attractive menu design can drive sales, but it does not ensure profitability. While the topic might seem complex, one can start with some best practices with the menu.

 To be profitable, you must control waste. Having a diverse and extensive menu is nice, but it will be challenging to manage, and waste will be inevitable. But, limited menus are colorless and dull. The best way is to build your menu around limited categories, 3 to 5. As long as any new items fall into these categories and use the main ingredients, then you can be as creative as you wish.

Start adding your main categories in LazyWait POS 

POS Source Management Screen - شاشة نقاط البيع لإدارة المصادر
Menu design

 Add all of the raw materials to the sources database. During the day, the system will keep an eye on the stock and help to always have enough materials on hand. Besides, every week or month, you can check with categories that sell better and bring more profit. LazyWait can also measure the production time per category or item. 

Our features can help you in on-time order, find which category consumes more time or resources, and the winning items.

LazyWait Dashboard
Menu design

To make this analysis as simple as possible, think carefully about your categories and items, and LazyWait can do the remaining heavy lifting.

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