Our Story

We know how difficult it is to start a business, as we were a startup ourselves. We put this into our core business values. We want to make  our advanced technology accessible and affordable to everyone regardless of their growth stage.


From a crowded café to a Point Of Sale

We started in 2014, a group of young people with a small local café. The café grabbed the community attention and was always crowded. Here is where we had to resolve our first clear issue ( long unorganized ques). Our tech savvy person Asad started to use his coding skills to develop a simple app that transforms physical ques to virtual. Asad developed a simple waiting system for restaurants, that’s where we got our brand name from “LazyWait”

Paper Plan
Asad LazyWait CEO
Cloudapps - سحابة للتطبيقات

A Turning Point

CloudApps LLC sees the light

As we got a deeper understanding of business operations, we found that waiting was not our biggest issue. Asad started entering the Point Of Sale (POS) industry and gained the distribution rights for foreign POS systems. He then, began selling them to local restaurants and from there, the idea of establishing CloudApps LLC was born in 2016.

A Local Point Of Sale

End of foreign POS distribution

Gaining the distribution rights for foreign POS systems was only the beginning, but it was not fulfilling the needs of the local restaurants. From there, we seriously began thinking of building our own POS system from scratch. In 2018, we released our POS solution named LazyWait. At that time, we only focused on restaurants and started growing. From 1 client to 199 in one year!

Now, LazyWait serves food and beverage, retail, and salon. From a small problem in a café, LazyWait was born. Our goal is to keep growing while still making our solution ready for all business sizes.

Interested in investing?

Angel investors are important reasons behind LazyWait’s success. They believed in the idea and shared the risk with us. Now LazyWait is opening its 3rd round for those who would like to join the risky yet rewarding adventure.