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Simply, LazyWait's simplicity, period.

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Everything is real time synced

Gears - عجلات

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We are confident that LazyWait will earn your trust! We are making it easier than ever to migrate to the best point of sale!

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How to switch

Switch to LazyWait

Get all remaining months from your current license added to your LazyWait License. Should not exceed 3 months and does not include hardware and that’s not all! We will PRICE MATCH

Sure no one can get your business better than yourself

To make a clearer comparison, we standardized our pricing into three packages, find them on our pricing page.

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Terms & Conditions


Price Matching Policy

1. Quotation should not exceed one week

2. Competitor product should match that of LazyWait and that includes subscription period and license type

3. original quotation should be presented 


These below cases are excluded from the policy:

1. Exclusive offers on LazyWait websites.

2. Competitor’s web exclusive offer, flash sale, limited quantity offer, clearance offer, new store opening offer, hardware offers, and loyalty programs or bank cards offers.

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